Private Yoga (One on One)


Private Yoga with The Yoga Effect is all about you. Before your first class, you will be asked to fill out an intake form detailing your various health & wellbeing goals, current or past health requirements and other lifestyle factors to ensure we design a yoga or yoga therapy practice perfectly suited to your needs. 

You can expect to: 

  • Practice in a location convenient for you, whether at home or in the office
  • Choose your ideal class length and time of practice
  • Enhance your full-body health with a yoga practice based entirely on your personal health goals, concerns or requirements 
  • Have undivided attention from your teacher, to ensure safety and progress


Group Yoga

Corporate Wellness Hong Kong

Group classes are for two or more people with shared health & wellbeing goals, or similar therapeutic needs. i.e. Office workers who require a restorative practice to help them effectively manage stress and reduce the physical symptoms of long hours at work (stiff neck & shoulder muscles, lower back pain from sitting).

Group classes are designed to be accessible for everyone regardless of yoga experience or fitness level. 

You can expect to:

  • Practice in a location convenient to all, whether at home, in an office, or even a clubroom
  • Choose your ideal class length and time of practice
  • Contribute to full body-health with a yoga practice based on shared therapeutic needs
  • Enjoy the benefits of a customised yoga practice, with shared costs


Yoga Therapy & Corporate Wellness

Yoga Therapy is ideal as a Corporate Wellness initiative for individuals and groups. A customised Yoga Therapy practice can be one-time (i.e. held during a team off-site) or a series of sessions scheduled at a convenient time for staff. 

Yoga Therapy practices can help:

  • Improve employee satisfaction due to the reduction & better management of work-related stress
  • Support productivity & focus by improving mental clarity
  • Increase employee energy levels throughout the day
  • Contribute to team performance by improving wellbeing & morale in the workplace
  • Help improve employees' overall sense of work-life balance


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