Yoga combines gentle stretching, strengthening and balancing exercises with mind-body awareness and an emphasis on correct breathing. It’s ideal for any age or level of physical health – and is perfect for beginners. The Yoga Effect offers Private Yoga Services with the added benefit of Yoga Therapy. Which means you can be fully confident that:

  1. All your existing health and wellbeing requirements are taken into account prior to starting a yoga practice
  2. Your personalised practice will include poses, movements & yoga therapy techniques to match your health goals, and help improve existing health conditions

What is Yoga Therapy? 

Yoga Therapy is a recognised discipline based on traditional yoga but with a more integrated, bio-medical approach to an individual's health & wellbeing. A Yoga Therapist is trained to adapt the practices of Yoga to help various health conditions. I.e. by using specific movement to alleviate back, neck or shoulder pain – or by including breath awareness and mindfulness techniques to address wellbeing needs such as stress.

Certified with the Australasian Association of Yoga Therapy, The Yoga Effect's Parveen Ebrahim can incorporate Yoga Therapy practices into a private yoga class wherever required.

A customised yoga practice with The Yoga Effect can improve your health & wellbeing in various ways: 

  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve circulation & heart health
  • Reduce stress & support relaxation
  • Support quality of sleep
  • Increase flexibility & strength: helping you move, walk & stand, better
  • Reduce muscle soreness in problem areas, such as your neck, shoulders or lower back